“Cleaning Geoduck” by ChefSteps

Video courtesy of ChefSteps featuring “Cleaning Geoduck” 

Look, we all know what this thing looks like, and there is no way around it!

After the initially filming of this….suggestive… project wrapped up, the head Chef and co-founder of ChefSteps Grant Crilly looked at me and said, “you realize what kind of soundtrack we have to do with this video” I laughed, “yes, I think I have to go there don’t I?”

There was no way to not make fun of the situation we were in as educators trying to demonstrate the proper butchery of this uniquely shaped mollusk, without realizing a lot of the process just was visually unappealing. So we decided a Curtis-Mayfield-meets-George-Clinton-Meets-go-go-porn-sountrack had to be done in the name of humor to get the concept across.