“DRIFT” – Soundtrack to a submission for the “Star Citizen” video game

Matt Vivion approached me about writing music to a script submission for the game “Star Citizen” to enhance the experience of the reader.  “DRIFT”  is a fiction submission for Cloud Imperium Games’ “Spectrum Dispatch” newsletter. You’ll find the first episode of a ten-episode story on Matt’s website.

I discussed with Matt how the music could play into the story, and we settled on focusing on the train ride the protagonist was to take in this futuristic environment. “Space Music” is a genre that composers have tread carefully when working in because you can too easily focus on the technological aspects of the story, and miss out on the human element. With this musical piece I decided I would use one simple synth to craft as much of the sounds as I could to keep it grounded in one perspective.

I utilized my trusty PAIA Fatman analog synth in combination with Ableton Live to create a sound to get the process started. I have found that sometimes all you need is one sound you have never heard before to spark your imagination and kickstart your creativity as a sound designer. I have found time and time again that synthesizers, both analog and digital, serve as powerful tools to manifest the sounds in your head or surprise you with unexpected results. Several teaks and adjustments later, and In found that the synth was able to give me sounds that were modern and exciting, but that were also rooted in telling the characters story.

Photo courtesy of Robert Space Industries