“La Conner Cabin” by Common Thread Creative

Video courtesy of Common Thread Creative featuring “La Conner Cabin”

This video features the voice-over work of Jen Utley, the co-founder of Common Thread Creative, a lifestyle and food related production company located in Seattle. Photographer and co-founder Genevieve Pierson provided the stunning visuals for this exploration of a cabin located by a serene forest in the Pacific Northwest. The music was provided by the Portland-based music licensing company Marmoset.

In a typical voice over session, the voice-over artist is usually trapped in a little vocal booth with an engineer, armed with a set of headphones, a locked-in script, and a mug of ginger and lemon tea. These sort of recording sessions need to be a relaxed and fun environment from the start, so the actor is as comfortable as possible as they begin. As a voice actor, it can be quite the challenge to convey the correct emotion that the script calls for, and with the repetition that comes with capturing a great vocal performance, it can be quite the workout. As an audio engineer, you have the responsibility to provide a creative and spontaneous atmosphere for the actor by working together as a team to get the job done while having a good time with the process.

Jen displays a great ability to portray a sense of natural spontaneity, and genuine excitement in her vocal delivery of a script. Here is an example of a voice-over session where the voice-over actor was in control and relaxed, and in turn gave me great material to work with in the editing process.