“Reuben Challenge” by ChefSteps

Video courtesy of ChefSteps featuring “One Reuben to Rule Them All” 

in this video showcasing three of the chefs at ChefSteps having a competition on who could make the better reuben, I ran the production audio for the filming process.

In this noisy kitchen environment, there need to be a constant focus on capturing the best possible audio at the source, so I could have plenty of options in the post production process.  I utilized three Countryman lavalier mics, as well as a Sanken CS-3E boom mic to allow for plenty of moment from the talent on screen, without jeopardizing the sound quality I was capturing.

In the post Audio process I used Izotope Rx4 to remove the the sounds of fans, cars, and sirens from the noisy street outside. I created all of the music you hear in this video as well.