“Starburst-Style Chewy Candy” by ChefSteps

Video courtesy of ChefSteps featuring “ChefSteps Knife Sharpening Class” 

In this video from ChefSteps, I called up trombonist and musician Greg Kramer to collaborate on a song together. Greg has an uncanny ability to write melodic lines and harmonies with his trombone on the spot, so most of these layers are first takes, and completely improvised.

I set up a simple drum beat on a drum machine and let Greg jump in and do his thing on his horn. I then employed my reliable bassist and friend Chris Cullman to help direct the chordal movement under what Greg had written. After we recorded as many layers as we thought were necessary, I took all the parts and edited sections of recorded horn parts into a song format. After that was completed, I hit “record” and jumped behind the drum set and did my best Clyde Stubblefield impression.