Soundtracks, sound design, audio production and original work

Here are a few examples of the range of work I do for the many different filmmakers, companies, editors, musicians, and artists I have had the privilege of collaborating with. Each type of content gives me a unique and exciting challenge, from creating string arrangements in my soundtrack work; to recording on film sets, in voice over booths, and editing in the studio for audio production; to creating unique sound design for animation and motion graphics; or to creating guitar loops in live performances for my original work. There never seems to be a dull moment in my studio, and I try to keep it that way.

Photos courtesy of ChefSteps 

ChefSteps is a world-renowned, Seattle-based company of chefs, writers, and video professionals who love cooking and the science behind it. Located in their highly advanced kitchen in the Pike Place Market, they approach cooking with both deep knowledge of traditional methods and with minds open to exploration. I was apart of the founding team as the Audio Director and resident composer where we created a vast library of video content documenting all of their experiments and educational videos.

  • Created over 600+ videos including full audio production, soundtracks, and sound design
  • Achieved over 90+ million views on YouTube as the channel manager
  • On the small content team that won two James Beard Awards in 2015 for visual and technical excellence, and video  webcast in a fixed location


Videos Courtesy of Chefsteps

I have had the honor of working with several NFL teams these last few years capturing “Sounds Of The Game”, a mini-documentary series, as well as working with individual players on interviews for sports news, and private organizations. Keeping up with these amazing athletes during warmups, in between plays, and trying to capture sounds in one of the loudest NFL stadiums in the country is one of my favorite gigs that I look forward to every year.

Teams include: 

Image courtesy of Alleyway Games 

As I have moved throughout my career, I am constantly motivated by learning new tools, techniques, and methods to create sounds and environments I have never heard before. 

Video games are the “final frontier” for sound design and audio production as far as I am concerned.

I have been working these last few years developing skill sets in Wwise, Unreal Engine, and Unity to work with adaptive sound and music technology to continue my never-ending journey with sound design.

I have had the privilege of working with several game companies on developing sound design, music, and environmental sonic needs of the games they are developing. 

I love the challenge of working on advertisements and promos. You can only have a person’s attention for so long, so giving them the best possible experience and setting the right tone out of the gate is my top priority.