Original music built for storytellers

I am a passionate fan of all things “movie soundtrack”. Some of my first memories as a child was riding in the car while my Dad blasted the “Das Boot” soundtrack, or the “Blade Runner Theme” on our way to visit family.

Since those early days of developing my musical skills through school, bands, and out on my own,  I have developed my own sound while remaining sympathetic to the intentions of the filmmaker and thoroughly enjoy collaborating on bringing the proper tone to a scene to hopefully elevate it into the next level.

  • Over 650+ Completed pieces of 100% custom music completed for companies and filmmakers
  • Combined views of over 80 million+ on YouTube from pieces of music created 
  • James Beard Award for Visual and Technical Excellence 2015 for “The Wall Of Fire”


Music by Arsen Gogeshvili

Orchestration by Hans Twite


“Wall Of Fire”

James Beard Award winner 2015 for visual and technical excellence 

Film by Sandy Smolan  and ChefSteps

Music by Hans Twite and Chris Cullman


“Here We Stay”

Film by Joon Kim


The New Yorker “Caption Contest”

By The New Yorker

“The Academy” Episodes 8 + 9

by Matthew Hickney


by Genevieve Pierson


“ORBITALS” by Alleyway Games


Looking back on the over 500+ soundtracks I did for ChefSteps, one of my favorite series was when we rented a phantom flex 4k for a weekend and just experimented the whole time with what looked great on camera. This high-speed series was one of my all-time favorite projects.

by ChefSteps 

“Das Boot” cover by Greg Mattson

Original score by Klaus Doldinger 

String arrangments, mixing, mastering by Hans Twite