Photo by Kristina Krug

“They (ChefSteps) employ not only cooks but also a full-time video staff, who can shoot on demand. There’s a musical composer to write scores — scores! — for the videos.”
~ Seattle Times


Photo by Joe McDaniel

“…on their (The Ether Room’s) song “Io,” there always seems to be something going on that doesn’t bare itself until repeated listens. Vocals undulate and creep in unexpectedly as the song goes through several murky, ambient movements over the course of five minutes.”
~ The Stranger

Photo by Joe McDaniel

“They (Jungle Maps) get beyond heavy without the use of saturated distortion, use vocals sparingly (without the hardcore growl), and their songs are much catchier and to-the-point than their post-rock cousins. Jungle Maps are impossible to categorize. It’s just intelligent and beautiful rock at its rawest form.”
~ Groove Mine


Photo courtesy of The James Beard Foundation

“Shock and disbelief was the general tone of the night following the announcement of the second Beard award. The award photographer was visibly confused as we waltzed out a second time during the ceremony…”